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Salmon Two Ways

Katie:  Since resolving to overcome my trepidation of preparing fish, I’ve tried a few more recipes.  While they may not be as visually appealing as the Maple-Glazed Salmon, I would still highly recommend them.

The first one I tried was Oven-Roasted Salmon with Pomegranate-Ginger Sauce.  I had been saving a bottle of the trendy POM Wonderful pomegranate juice for something special.  I found this salmon recipe on the McCormick website and followed it as written.  I brushed the fish with olive oil and sprinkled it with sea salt and thyme before placing it in the oven.  The sauce was made by boiling pomegranate juice with cider vinegar, sugar, and ground ginger to reduce it to a thicker glaze.  If I made it again, I would probably sprinkle the fish with freshly ground black pepper in addition to the other seasonings and reduce the sauce to make it a bit thicker.  I served the fish with roasted mashed parsnips (flavored with nutmeg) and bulgur pilaf.  It was a delicious, healthy meal!

The second salmon dish I tried was a recipe for Bourbon-Glazed Salmon from Cooking Light.  First, I marinated the salmon in a mixture of brown sugar, bourbon, soy sauce, fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, garlic, and black pepper.  Then, I cooked it in a grill pan and sprinkled it with toasted sesame seeds.  It tasted really delicious.  I served it with millet pilaf and Soy-Glazed Sweet Potatoes.  It was also a really good meal!


Ginger-Garlic Chicken with Fresh Fig Pan Sauce

Katie:  I read an article in Cooking Light awhile ago about cooking with fresh figs.  Unfortunately, I never was able to find them at the grocery store.  They seem to be only available here for a short period of time in late summer, so I jumped at the chance when I spotted them this week.  I also wanted to make something special for dinner to celebrate the (7th!) anniversary of our first date. I found this recipe for Ginger-Garlic Chicken with Fresh Fig Pan Sauce and served it with rice and Sesame Green Beans.  Everything was really flavorful, and I enjoyed trying fresh figs for the first time.  If I made the chicken recipe again, I would try to make more sauce, since the rice was kind of dry.  I ate my leftovers over lamb’s lettuce, which was a good combination.