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Ice Cream Pie

Matthew: Well, I finally got around to using the hot fudge sauce in a delicious ice cream pie.  The whole thing was pretty quick to put together and was really tasty.  And, I made a video to go along!  Here’s the recipe and video:

Butter-Pecan Pie


Maple Pecan Squares

Matthew:  I’m heading out to Patty and Ken’s house this weekend and I wanted to bring along a treat.  I was browsing through my Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking book and almost made peanut butter and jelly bars, but I decided to try something new instead.  These maple pecan squares were fairly easy to make and didn’t make as much of a mess as I had anticipated.  You just bake the crust a little and then add the filling and bake some more.  Mine turned out a little gooey in the middle, but that doesn’t make them any less delicious!  I think everyone will enjoy these.

Mini Pecan Tarts

Flori: I wanted to bake something nice for my English class for Thanksgiving, so I had to find good recipes. I made 12 delicious looking pumpkin muffins with walnuts in them and also wanted to find a sweet treat for them. So I found this recipe for Mini Pecan Tarts. They were pretty easy to make and look delicious. I will have to test them tonight before bringing them to school tomorrow. I will comment on the taste then.


jill pickle:  Today, to celebrate Father’s Day and to surprise Bill/Dad, I decided to make a breakfast buffet complete with homemade Maple-Nut Granola, Quiche Lorraine and Maple Oat-Pecan Scones.  As with all things I plan, it took longer to make than I had anticipated, (plus another trip to the store by the receiver of this breakfast buffet), but it was worth it!  The granola is super easy and you can add any nut you like!  The quiche was really good with bacon in it!!  I used sharp cheddar cheese instead of the swiss.  The scones recipe made a lot!  They were very tender and flaky and good with the maple glaze and a sprinkling of pecans on top.  All-in-all, it was a success but next time it might be better to make some of these dishes ahead of time!  We’ll see…….