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Cheese Olive Herb Bread & Mushroom Brie Soup


It all started with the need to use up our Brie cheese.  I found 2 good looking recipes on Pinterest.  I decided to made this soup.  Some modifications that I made were to put the onions in the oven to caramelize as well as the mushrooms.  I did not have enough room on one cookie sheet so I used 2, 1 for the mushrooms and 1 for the onions.  I used a little less butter than called for to cook the garlic and make the roux.  And I just used fat-free milk not cream.  The soup was creamy and delicious!

For the bread, I sauteed an onion until golden and toasty to add to the bread dough. I did not put the sundried tomatoes in.  For the herbs, I used dried thyme and some Penzeys herb mixture.  Very good bread- moist and flavorful!!  Yummy with the olives, cheese, onion and herbs!


Black Bean Soup with Chorizo

jillpickle:  After having some great meals this weekend in Door County it was time for one of our favorite soups.   Jill made Black Bean Soup with Chorizo from Cooking Light.  This is a really good soup with a little zip to it.  Not quite as spicy as it could be since we used “mild” Chorizo.  Jill also added 2 carrots and smoked paprika which adds a really nice flavor.  She left out the coriander.  The soup is topped with cilantro.  I also shredded some Parmesan cheese on top and added a dollop of mascarpone cheese to cool off the spicy flavor.  You could also use a little sour cream instead of the mascarpone cheese.

We had some really good French bread and Brie at the Base Camp Coffee Shop in Sister Bay this weekend.  So… we decided to have a baguette with Brie and roasted garlic with a little salt on top for an appetizer and side dish.  Really great meal!