Cinnamon Playdough


Katie:  Well, this may not be for eating, but it is something that I’ve been cooking this summer!  I like making homemade playdough for my little Starfish, since it’s much softer than the store-bought variety.  I’ve been using this recipe from Tammy’s Recipes, which works great.  Since one of my most challenging kids really likes red, I decided to use red food coloring and add cinnamon for extra sensory input.  Hopefully, this will entice him to join choice time rather than running away!


5 responses to “Cinnamon Playdough

  1. That’s really creative! I hope it works with your kids.

  2. Thanks! I don’t know if it really helped with the kid, since he was throwing it, but at least it smelled good! 🙂

  3. Did anyone try to eat it? Good job on making the playdough!

    • Surprisingly no, since some of them tend to put lots of things in their mouths. One kid did tell me that it smelled like doughnuts though!

    • Oh, and I did make one batch of playdough that was undercooked and way too sticky. Of course, my sensory seeking kid loved that! What a mess!

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