Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala 1 (Large) cropped2

Katie:  This was a great weeknight meal!  Ken happened to have couscous and asparagus, and I brought over a few extra ingredients to make this delicious Chicken Marsala recipe from Cooking Light, with a side of steamed asparagus.  The combination of mushroom-garlic couscous, topped with tender chicken breast, mushrooms, peas, and a savory marsala sauce was perfect!  We had to cook the chicken longer than called for, since a frying pan wasn’t quite as effective at flattening chicken as a rolling pin, but otherwise we didn’t make any major changes.  It was a nice meal to enjoy on a busy Monday!

Chicken Marsala 2 (Large)correct

6 responses to “Chicken Marsala

  1. Kenneth Donahue

    Indeed banging chicken with a frying pan is not the ideal way to flatten it, but is certainly a wonderful way to relieve some Monday stress! The meal was fantastically aromatic and delicious. Its a good thing Katie is the head chef on these adventures though, as I tend to get distracted and have an inability to follow recipes.

  2. Good points! 😉

  3. That really does look good! Flattening the chicken is fun!!! I use a mallet!

  4. Looks like a really good meal!

  5. Thanks! The pictures are kind of dark, but I thought I’d post it anyway!

  6. Looks really good!

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