Grilled Vegetables with Tzatziki

Matthew:  After eating at some Mediterranean restaurants in Madison lately, I thought that I should try making tzatziki. I found this recipe and bought some Greek yogurt at the co-op.  The first time I made it, I only used one cucumber.  It was good, but a little too thick to use as salad dressing.  This time around, I used two cucumbers and it was a good consistency.  I didn’t have any fresh dill, so I put in dried dill and that seemed fine.  I was going to bring the tzatziki to Concert on the Square to go with crudités, but since the concert was cancelled because of weather, I was left with a giant bowl of tzatziki.  I decided to turn to my CSA box for inspiration and thought grilling some vegetables would be nice.  I used my George Foreman Grill (thanks to the Helgerson family!) and it actually worked really well for the vegetables.  Just before eating, I threw the pita on to toast it and then added the toppings.  This was a really good dinner.  I used eggplant, zucchini, and green beans with a little raw cucumber and the combination of vegetables, toasted pita, and garlicky tzatziki was delicious.  I’m sure it would be good with many different kinds of vegetables or with a giant lamb leg on a spit if you happen to have that lying around.


6 responses to “Grilled Vegetables with Tzatziki

  1. That looks really delicious, especially the grilled eggplant! Although tzatziki is pretty popular in Germany, I’ve never tried making it before. The recipe you found seems pretty simple though, so now I’ll have to try it sometime!

  2. Nice grill lines on your vegis! Looks good… I’d go for the giant leg of lamb!

  3. Looks good!!!

  4. This was delicious! I loved the trick of draining plain yogurt to make Greek-esque yogurt. We added tri tip on the grill and I made pita bread with this recipe:

    The pita bread took a lot of steps, but perfect for a lazy Sunday and SO GOOD.

    • Glad you liked it! The tri tip sounds like a great addition and so do the homemade pitas. I’ve made that pita recipe before and they are really good.

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