Dingle Pies

Matthew:  To use up the lamb leftover from our Easter meal, we decided to make miniature pies.  I found this recipe in the same Irish cookbook I used to make Irish soda bread.  These are called Dingle Pies, after the Dingle Peninsula in southwest Ireland where the recipe originated.  Since we already had cooked lamb with herbs, mom just sauteed some carrots, onions, and celery, added some cornstarch and beef stock to make a gravy, and then added the diced lamb into the mixture.  I made the pastry crust and cut out the circles using the top of a beer mug.  Next time I would try to make them a tad bit bigger so that the filling to pastry ratio was higher.  They browned up very nicely in the oven and made for a great Easter day lunch.  I think everyone enjoyed them.


3 responses to “Dingle Pies

  1. The pies were so flaky and tasty! Thanks for making them Matt.

  2. I’ve never heard of those before. They look kind of like empanadas. I’ve been impressed with your Irish creations, so far. What’s next? 😉

  3. Those little meat pies were sooooooooo good!!!!!

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