Root Vegetable Curry

Matthew:  This dish is what results when I’m not quite sure what I want for dinner.  First, I head to the Willy Street Co-op and look for vegetables that look good.  This week, I found some golden beets.  I supplemented those with a sweet potato and some turnips.  At home, I roasted all the veggies with some olive oil and then thought about making them more exciting.  I hadn’t made a curry in a while, so I used some hot curry spices and tossed in a can of crushed fire-roasted tomatoes.  I was going to eat it with brown rice, but I ran out of time and found some french green lentils instead.  It’s not anything spectacular, but it’s a good, healthy dinner.


4 responses to “Root Vegetable Curry

  1. That sounds like a good combination! What did the golden beets taste like?

  2. Looks like a very healthy meal. Great colors!

  3. It’s odd but when I have that hungry but not quite sure what to eat feeling, curry is always where I turn. I have quite a few of these roots to use up so appreciate the inspiration.

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