Crabby Patties

JillPickle:  I saw that our grocery store sold canned crabmeat so I found this recipe in my Cooking Light Cookbook.  It was very easy and quick to make and tasted very good!  I omitted the hot sauce, but we made some tarter sauce with mayo and chopped up pickles.  I served it with orzo cooked in chicken broth with peas.


6 responses to “Crabby Patties

  1. This was a great meal! What a treat to have crab cakes and the orzo was really good too.

  2. Those look really good! They look like they stayed together pretty well too, which isn’t always easy.

  3. Just looking at all the green in the pictures makes my tongue and lips swell. The rest of the meal sounds awesome though 😉

  4. Was the canned crabmeat as good as fresh? We don’t have too much seafood available in the delis here, but I think I’ve seen canned crabmeat at the store too. Maybe I’ll try this!

  5. Yeah, this was a really good meal! I liked everything a lot!

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