Sticky Maple Scones

jillpickle:  I had the urge to bake something fast and easy but also healthy and slightly sweet.  The Sticky Maple Scones were a great choice!  I used a low-fat recipe from Cooking Light, made even lower fat since I used skim milk instead of 1%.  I’ve made this recipe twice, once with 1/2 cup oatmeal substituted for  1/2 cup of flour.  When the scones came out of the oven, I immediately forked them and then glazed them with maple syrup.

Here is how I like to eat them!


5 responses to “Sticky Maple Scones

  1. Those really look and sound good. Almost as good as treats from a German bakery 😉

  2. The Maple Scones were really good. I was lucky to have them twice in one week. Thanks Jill!

  3. Yum! They sound really good. It looks like you went easy on the maple syrup! 😉

  4. I have no restraint when it comes to Maple Syrup! Yumm!

  5. Yeah, looks real “healthy” with all that maple syrup! I would like to try some!

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