Guinness Chocolate Cake

Matthew:  My goal for Valentine’s Day was to make a very indulgent chocolaty dessert.  Last year around this time I made molten chocolate cakes, but this time I went for a more traditional cake.  I had some leftover Guinness to use up, so I used this King Arthur’s Flour chocolate stout cake recipe that had a lot of good reviews.  I wanted to be indulgent, but when I looked at the ingredient list (4 sticks of butter!  1 pound of chocolate!  4 cups sugar! 2 cups cream!) I decided that half the recipe would be more than enough for me.  I just made one 9-inch cake and topped it with a nice thick layer of the ganache.  I used Hershey’s special dark cocoa and Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate, so the cake has a very intense dark chocolate flavor.  Next time, I might mix in a bit of semisweet chocolate just to add a little more sweetness to the ganache.   It is really delicious though and it goes perfectly with a glass of red wine.


7 responses to “Guinness Chocolate Cake

  1. Wow! This looks awesome. Could you taste the Guinness?

    I was really happy that I got Molten Chocolate Heart Cakes for Valentines day. Chocolate is great!

    • I’m not sure I could really taste the Guinness. The dark chocolate probably covers it up. Next time I want a chocolate dessert, I’m going to make molten chocolate cakes!

  2. That does look great!

  3. I’m in LOVE! It looks so yummy! I hope you challenged yourself to eat half a piece in one bite. 😉

  4. This does sound like an indulgent treat. Did you eat it all yourself??

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