Parsnip Muffins

Katie:  I like baking and freezing muffins to have available for a quick, sweet snack.  Muffins are also easy to experiment with, so each time I bake them, I like to try out a different recipe.  While considering what to make this time, the parsnips in my refrigerator caught my attention.  I decided if zucchinis and carrots work in muffins, then maybe parsnips would too.  I actually wasn’t the first one to come up with this idea.  I discovered this recipe on the Eating Well website.   I followed it as written, except for using brown sugar instead of white, chunky applesauce instead of apple butter, soaking the raisins in hot water to make them moister, and skipping the nuts.  I was a little skeptical about using a whole tablespoon of cinnamon and vanilla extract, but the amounts were just right.  The chunky applesauce helped make these really moist, without being too chewy.  They are similar to carrot muffins, but have a distinct flavor from the parsnips.  If you’re not a fan of parsnips, you probably wouldn’t like them.  But if you’re looking to try something different or have some parsnips to use up, you might want to give these a try!


4 responses to “Parsnip Muffins

  1. I never knew that you can actually EAT parsnips – and I am still too scared to try them. So I can´t really comment on the quality of these muffins – just wanted to write SOMETHING because Katie was sad that nobody has commented so far 😉

  2. Katie, you sure are creative in your baking! I’m not a big fan of parsnips, but I’d give one a try. How strong is the parsnip flavor?

  3. Update: Just tried my first parsnip muffin and so far I feel no negative physical or psychological effects (aside from my usual craziness). Will keep you posted ….

  4. Katie, you are truly the most amazing cook around!! This sounds so creative and I am sure they taste good too!!!

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