Strawberries in Winter??? YES!

JillPickle: I was asked to bring a salad to a Christmas party.  I’d attended a baby shower a while ago where they had served a delicious Strawberry-Spinach salad.  I looked for a similar recipe on the internet and found one by Paula Deen.  If Paula Deen made it, it has to taste good, right?  It was very easy to make and oddly, the spinach and strawberries were the perfect combination along with the poppyseed dressing.  Adaptations I made were: substituting the cucumber for the hearts of palm.  (I really don’t know what hearts of palm taste like.)  I also nixed the paprika.  We only had smoky paprika and I thought it would overpower the delicate fruity flavors.  I added slivered almonds and some freshly shredded parmesan cheese that I had.  Our photo shows our a variation with yellow tomato and chopped pecans.  Anything goes!

3 responses to “Strawberries in Winter??? YES!

  1. Anything goes? Wow, you’re really getting crazy in the kitchen! It looks tasty. I bet it was a good combination.

  2. This salad is great!

  3. It looks really delicious!

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