Christmas Cookies

Bill:  I had fun recently making some of our favorite Christmas cookies to get ready for the holidays.  I made:


Date-Nut Pinwheels.  These are one of my favorites which my mom made for our family.  They take a little time to make, but they’re worth the extra effort.

Molasses Sugar Cookies.  These are favorites of everyone in our family.  Jill says to remember to underbake them a little so they’re squishy.  Here’s the recipe from Jill’s mom.  I used butter (no salad oil).


Brown Eyed Susans.  Here is another family favorite that originates from Jill’s grandmother.  The recipe calls for oleo which is also known as margarine.  I used butter in place of the oleo and also used butter flavored Crisco.

5 in 1 Bars.   Here is another family favorite that Jill got from her sister Patty.  We make half of the pan with butterscotch chips and half with Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips.  I also added a cup of chopped up pecans.  Here’s the recipe.


6 responses to “Christmas Cookies

  1. Everything looks really yummy! I especially enjoy the look of the Brown eyed susans. Happy Holidays!

  2. They were really good!

  3. I enjoyed them all! And, I still have some in the freezer at work to pull out for snack time.

  4. They all look really good! The butterscotch ones are my favorites!

  5. Matt shared these cookies with us today at work. The date pinwheels were my favorite! I’m glad there’s a whole tin full of more cookies to eat tomorrow!

  6. Glad you liked them!!

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