Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

Matthew:  I’m getting my wisdom teeth out in a couple weeks, so I wanted to start making some soups and freezing portions of them so that I could just pull them out of the freezer to eat when the time comes.  I’ve never made soup out of sweet potatoes before, but when I searched for roasted sweet potato soup, I found this recipe that sounded good.  It’s a fairly fast recipe to make and can be done in stages.  By roasting the potatoes ahead of time, the soup gets a nice, carmelized flavor.  The rosemary is a great addition, making the soup smell wonderful.


3 responses to “Roasted Sweet Potato Soup

  1. I’ve never had sweet potato soup either. It looks really good!

  2. This looks really delicious! I’ll have to try some more sweet potato recipes this winter. Hopefully you won’t have to eat soup too long after your teeth get pulled!

  3. I made this soup today and it’s great! I added 4 cloves of garlic and 5 cups of water since I used 2 very large sweet potatoes. I was concerned that I may have roasted the potatoes too much because some of them were black, but they didn’t taste burned so I went ahead and used them as is. The end result was a very flavorful soup.

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