Tomato and Corn Pie

Matthew:  I’ve been getting sweet corn for several weeks now from my CSA, but this was the first week with lots of tomatoes.  I immediately thought of this recipe which introduced me to the concept of vegetable pies last August when it was originally published over on Smitten Kitchen.  Since then, I’ve made the original recipe and several variations with different combinations of vegetables.  This time around, I didn’t have the herbs, but I did substitute them with a large jalapeño, finely diced.  Next time, I would probably decrease the amount of lemon juice.  I liked the flavor, but it was just a little too prominent.  Overall, this was a great success and a recipe that I will continue to make.

3 responses to “Tomato and Corn Pie

  1. Looks REALLY good!!!

  2. This looks really delicious! It probably helped make it taste even better by using such fresh ingredients.

  3. I made this for dinner (with some summer squash and peppers from your CSA.) It was delicious!

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