Zucchini, Olive, and Cheese Quesadillas

Flori: Katie sent me this recipe for Zucchini, Olive, and Cheese Quesadillas  and I decided to give it a try – even though I knew that quesadillas are Katie´s specialty. Overall I think they turned out really well – we both liked them a lot. It was interesting to taste Greek flavors (black olives, feta cheese) along with Zuchini in a quesadilla. We had home-made refried beans along with the quesadillas, which went along great with them!


4 responses to “Zucchini, Olive, and Cheese Quesadillas

  1. After tasting this delicious meal, I think that quesadillas are Your specialty now! Your homemade refried beans also turned out great. 🙂

  2. Well, I guess I learned from the best cook ever 😉

  3. That really looks good!

  4. Looks tasty! I would have never thought to put olives in quesadillas.

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