Pizza and Peaches

jillpickle: I came across a pretty good recipe for pizza in my Everyday Foods magazine.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a good crust- not too hard or bready.  This was a good one.  Although the recipe calls for grilling it, we have always made this in the oven.  I topped the dough with olive oil, chopped garlic, tomato slices, a sprinkle of kosher salt, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese.  That was tasty!

And, what do you do with a bowl of ripe Georgia peaches???  Make ……….



3 responses to “Pizza and Peaches

  1. The pizza was really good. Simple but tasty toppings!

  2. The Peach Crisp was excellent! It’s hard to beat a warm dessert just out of the oven topped with vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

  3. oooh, looks really good! I wish I had some of that right now!

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