Dinner Improvised

Matthew:  With lots of different vegetables arriving every week in my CSA box, I often make dinner and throw in anything that needs to be used up before it goes bad.  This has led to some really good and interesting dishes and also some really not-so-great meals.  This week, I had swiss chard and spring onions to use up.  I also wanted to use up my stock of frozen pesto from last summer, so I decided to make a pasta dish that incorporated everything.  I began by sautéing the chard (with the lid on so that the leaves wilt) and onions.  At the same time, I cooked the pasta.  After a few minutes, I added the pesto and a can of cannellini beans to the chard.  Once the pasta was done, I added it to the vegetables and beans and let it combine for a few minutes.  I was very pleased with the outcome.  This was definitely one of the better improvised dishes I have made in a while!

3 responses to “Dinner Improvised

  1. That sounds and looks really good. With so much green, I think I’d have to try this when I’m on my own for dinner! What else have you been getting in your box?

  2. Pesto is good with pasta!!

  3. I never was a big fan of pesto, but now I really like it. It does go really good with pasta.

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