Blackened Salmon Sandwich

Bill:  I wanted to make some fish on the grill and decided to try this recipe.  I followed the recipe somewhat but not exactly.  To start with I mashed up an avocado and mixed it with 2 tablespoons of Hellmann’s canola mayonnaise.  I used half of this mixture the first night and put plastic wrap over the mixture to save half for the second night.  I actually didn’t use salmon, but substituted tilipia and fresh cod for the two nights of grilling.  I used the gas grill and a special grid that keeps the fish from falling through the regular grid.   I lightly seasoned the fish with a barbecue rub before grilling.  I also toasted the whole wheat buns on the grill.   The end result was a very good sandwich which Jill and I really liked.  I’ll definitely make this recipe again maybe next time with salmon.

One response to “Blackened Salmon Sandwich

  1. Your sandwiches sound really good!

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