Roasted Pepper Pesto-Tomato Pizza

Katie:  Since Flori was at his parents’ house last week, I wanted to make something special to welcome him home.  Pizza is always a good bet, but I didn’t want to make something I’d already made before.  I felt like trying something with roasted peppers and found this recipe for Roasted Pepper Pesto-Tomato Pizza from Cooking Light.  I used this recipe for Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, which makes 2 pizza crusts.  I doubled the sauce recipe and topped the pizza with tomatoes, yellow and red bell pepper strips, and cheese.  The pizza turned out great!  I had never tried making pesto before, but the sauce was pretty easy to make and tasted delicious.  I used our immersion blender to make it, and Flori didn’t even notice that it included 2 cups of basil leaves.  I would definitely try this sauce again, maybe next time with a different crust or other toppings, such as shrimp.


4 responses to “Roasted Pepper Pesto-Tomato Pizza

  1. Looks really tasty!

  2. That does sound good! I was thinking I should make a vegetable pizza soon.

  3. In terms of pizza sauce it was probably the most delicious I´ve ever had – and that counts for something, considering the amount of pizza I´ve had in my life 😉

  4. On second thought (and on reading, that there was green stuff in the sauce) – it wasn´t really all that great 😉

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