Black Bean Tomato Soup with Cilantro Lime Cream and Paninis

jillpickle: Well, after looking through the William Sonoma catalogue, I was hungry for some savory food!  Love the food pictures in there!  I happened to see a recipe from The Best of Cooking Light which turned out to be very fast and easy.  Chopping and cooking a few slices of bacon probably took the longest.  I’m not sure I would add the bacon next time although it smells so good while it’s cooking! I really didn’t taste it in the recipe. Some changes I made to the recipe were:  I added more beans than the recipe called for because of the lack of small sizes of canned black beans in the store.  I also added 2-3 times the amount of celery, garlic and onions and an extra can of chicken broth plus a dash of smoked paprika.  Let’s face it-I can hardly ever follow a recipe exactly!!  Bill made the lime cilantro cream which was a contrast in flavors with the soup.  Definitely, this is one of my favorites!

For the paninis, I used roasted garlic artisan bread, fresh mozzarella cheese, and salami.  I brushed the outsides of the bread with olive oil.  I then placed the sandwiches in a grill pan and place a pot on top pressing the sandwiches – my make-shift panini press!  Everything was very tasty!


4 responses to “Black Bean Tomato Soup with Cilantro Lime Cream and Paninis

  1. The soup and paninis were really good!

  2. That sounds really good! Now that we have a grill pan, we could try making paninis too. Do you have the link to the soup recipe?

  3. looks really tasty!

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