Almond-Vanilla Rice Pudding

Katie:  To try out our homemade vanilla, I wanted to make something special. Milchreis is almost as popular as yogurt in Germany, but I’ve never tried making it before. I followed this recipe exactly, adding the almond and vanilla extract at the end.  It took awhile to thicken, but it turned out pretty good!  I think next time I might try adding raisins, pumpkin pie spice, or try topping it with fresh fruit.

4 responses to “Almond-Vanilla Rice Pudding

  1. Looks really good! We’ll have to try this some time.

  2. You could put maple syrup or brown sugar on it too! I like the raisin idea!

  3. I just tried making this and it was really good! Thanks for the suggestion. I added raisins which was good.

  4. This milk rice really tastes amazing. I can´t get enough of it. I´m a lucky hubby to have such a talented cook as my wife 😉

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