Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Katie:  I wanted to try something different that might appeal to a certain fast food fan, so I found this recipe for pulled chicken sandwiches.  I replaced the ketchup with tomato sauce and a little honey to try to make it a little healthier.  I had to almost double the amount of tomato sauce, since the mixture was too dry at first.  I decided to try making my own buns using this recipe for whole wheat buns.  As sides, I made roasted sweet potato wedges and roasted carrots with honey.  It was a good meal!  I think next time I would use a different recipe for the buns, since they were kind of dry, but I would use the other recipes again.

Update:  In order to have enough buns for leftovers this week I tried using this recipe.  I cut the recipe in half and used part whole wheat flour and part all-purpose flour.  They turned out much lighter than the first recipe I tried.


4 responses to “Pulled Chicken Sandwiches and Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

  1. Certain fast food fan


  2. That looks really good! I’m impressed that you made your own buns.

  3. She even made a second batch of buns for dinner today. And the second kind was even better than the original ones. Well done Katie – awesome job my little cook fairy 😉

  4. The whole meal sounds really good! We’ll have to try it!

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