Pesto Grilled Cheese

Bill: We had lunch at Cafe 27 last weekend and I had a pesto grilled cheese sandwich.  It tasted great!  They prepare all of their food with locally grown ingredients including homemade bread.  Today for lunch I decided to make the same sandwich with fresh baked 9 grain bread, sharp cheddar cheese and some of Jill’s homemade pesto.  The sandwich was really good and went well with some Emy J’s homebrewed coffee.

4 responses to “Pesto Grilled Cheese

  1. Looks good! Make 1 for me sometime!

  2. I should make that for lunch sometime and toast it in the toaster oven at work.

  3. That looks good! What’s the pesto recipe? Do you need a food processor?

    • Yes, Katiekochty, I made the pesto recipe in the food processor and it was from the Cooking Light Cookbook. Do you have that one? You may be able to make this in a blender?? Then I froze them in ice cube trays.

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