Monthly Archives: January 2010

Spiced Pumpkin Waffles

Bill:  I decided to make some comfort food for supper.  Time for some Spiced Pumpkin Waffles!  This has become our favorite recipe for Belgian waffles.  It takes a little longer to prepare than regular waffles, but the end result is a very tasty treat.  And what better topping to add than a little whipped cream along with maple syrup.


Lentil soup, currant scones and coffee cake

From jillpickle’s kitchen:The lentil soup made a healthy, hearty, and satisfying meal.  I added a little pesto and grated parmesan cheese which the soup did not need.  It held its own in flavor.  This recipe was from Ina Garten and it made a lot!  Even cutting the recipe in half made a lot!  We ate it with Patty’s currant scones.

I also made a coffeecake this week for a school staff meeting.  The recipe was Betty Crocker’s Streusel Coffeecake.  I added vanilla glaze with crushed roasted pecans on top.  Sweet!

Tomato Bread

Katie:  On cold winter days it’s always nice to have some homemade soup to warm up. I wanted to try something different to go along with roasted vegetable soup.  I started looking for a recipe for some kind of tomato bread, and ended up with a recipe for Rich Tomato Bread which uses dried tomatoes.  It was a pretty tasty meal!

Pasta and Chicken with Spiced Tomato Sauce

Katie:  We had some chicken with a nearing expiration date, so I started looking for an easy weeknight recipe.  I didn’t have to look long before I found this highly rated recipe on Cooking Light.  It took longer to make than I had anticipated, since I accidentally added a can of stewed tomatoes instead of diced, and had to let it cook longer to reduce the sauce.  I served it over whole wheat pasta.  It tasted really good.  I’ll definitely make this again!

Grated Carrot Salad with Avocado

Bill: When we ate at Cafe 27 last weekend, I had a side order of Grated Carrot Salad. It’s not something I would normally try, but it had an interesting flavor.  One of the co-owners of Cafe 27 has based her recipes on a cookbook used by Rose’s Bakery in Paris.  In fact she took a trip to Paris to check out the bakery before opening Cafe 27 last year.  So… I checked out the cookbook online and looked for a carrot salad recipe.  I followed the recipe and used turkey in place of the chicken.  Next time I’ll add cilantro and shallots to spice it up a little more but it was tasty!

Squash Ravioli

Matthew: A while ago, I made some acorn squash ravioli using wonton wrappers and a pureed squash filling with parmesan and half and half.  It made a ton, so I ended up freezing some.  I pulled a few out tonight for dinner and while the water was boiling, I first toasted some ground almonds and then fried some sage in olive oil.  The frozen ravioli only take 4 minutes to cook, so I had this dish together in about 15 minutes.  Not bad for a quick weeknight meal!

Pesto Grilled Cheese

Bill: We had lunch at Cafe 27 last weekend and I had a pesto grilled cheese sandwich.  It tasted great!  They prepare all of their food with locally grown ingredients including homemade bread.  Today for lunch I decided to make the same sandwich with fresh baked 9 grain bread, sharp cheddar cheese and some of Jill’s homemade pesto.  The sandwich was really good and went well with some Emy J’s homebrewed coffee.